When associated with Carolyn, the rose represents a "façade for suburban success". [nb 10][102] Mendes did use a hand-held camera for the scene in which Col. Fitts beats Ricky. Obwohl ich zunächst mit dem Titel nicht besonders viel anfangen konnte und man auf der Rückseite der DVD-Hülle auch nicht viel über den Inhalt erfahren hat, gehört er jetzt zu einer meiner Lieblingsfilme. Bewertung: 8,7 / 10,0 (38 Stimmen) Dem ausgebrannten Normalbürger Lester Burnham knallt eine Sicherung durch, als er die lolitahafte Freundin seiner missmutigen Tochter Jane kennen lernt. It is the cultural tendency to be all work and no play that we may lose ourselves and our families. It hired three veteran consultants, who told the studio to "think small". They bond over what Ricky considers the most beautiful imagery he has ever filmed: a plastic bag blowing in the wind. [21] The film argues the case against conformity, but does not deny that people need and want it; even the gay characters just want to fit in. American Beauty ist ein Drama aus dem Jahr 1999 von Sam Mendes mit Kevin Spacey, Mena Suvari und Thora Birch. [73] He had already discussed the film with Jinks and Cohen, and felt they supported him. It received overwhelming praise, chiefly for Spacey, Mendes and Ball. [85] Scenes in Ricky's household reflect Ball's own childhood experiences. Hall used a 1/8 inch Tiffen Black ProMist filter for almost every scene, which he said in retrospect may not have been the best choice, as the optical steps required to blow Super 35 up for its anamorphic release print led to a slight amount of degradation; therefore, the diffusion from the filter was not required. Als Folge seiner Mid-Life-Crisis und des wachsenden Interesses an der Freundin seiner Tochter will Kevin Spacey in American Beauty sein Leben komplett umkrempeln. The most obvious use of pop music "accompanies and gives context to" Lester's attempts to recapture his youth; reminiscent of how the counterculture of the 1960s combated American repression through music and drugs, Lester begins to smoke cannabis and listen to rock music. „American Beauty“ ist zwar eine amerikanische Produktion, die in Amerika spielt, wir müssen aber nicht so weit gehen, um zu erkennen, dass auch bei uns dieselben gesellschaftlichen Missstände, die der Film so heftig kritisiert, vorherrschen. The film was nominated for and won many other awards and honors, mainly for directing, writing and acting. Although the film portrays the way Lester returns to that role positively, he does not become "the hypermasculine figure implicitly celebrated in films like Fight Club". "[96] Another scene was rewritten to accommodate the loss of the freeway sequence; set in a schoolyard, it presents a "turning point" for Jane in that she chooses to walk home with Ricky instead of going with Angela. He looks at a picture of his family in happier times,[35] and dies having had an epiphany that infuses him with "wonder, joy, and soul-shaking gratitude"—he has finally seen the world as it is. [185] McCarthy cited the production and costume design as pluses, and said the soundtrack was good at creating "ironic counterpoint[s]" to the story. [198][nb 19] At the 53rd British Academy Film Awards, American Beauty won six of the 14 awards for which it was nominated: Best Film, Best Actor, Best Actress (Bening), Best Cinematography, Best Film Music and Best Editing. American Beauty konnte 5 Oscars verbuchen, taucht in über 275 Top-Listen auf und wurde von über 65 Kritikern zum besten Film des Jahres erkoren. [151], On September 15, 1999, American Beauty opened to the public in limited release at three theaters in Los Angeles and three in New York. Groves, Don (February 1, 2000). Er kündigt seinen Routinejob und beginnt sich wieder rebellisch wie ein Jugendlicher zu benehmen. With Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch, Wes Bentley. [3] Described by many as about "the meaning of life" or "the hollow existence of the American suburbs",[4] the film has defied categorization by even the filmmakers. [16][18] Having begun to act his age again, Lester achieves closure. "Aggressive campaign may have helped 'Beauty's' win". Der/die Film American Beauty erschien 1999 und dauert 122 Minuten. [174] However, these scenes are not on the DVD, as he changed his mind after recording the commentary;[175] Mendes felt that to show scenes he previously chose not to use would detract from the film's integrity. [67] With the help of executives Glenn Williamson and Bob Cooper, and Steven Spielberg in his capacity as studio partner, Ball was convinced to develop the project at DreamWorks;[68] he received assurances from the studio—known at the time for its more conventional fare—that it would not "iron the [edges] out". [6] Mendes considers the voice to be Ball's, but even while the writer was "strongly influential" on set,[5] he often had to accept deviations from his vision,[6] particularly ones that transformed the cynical tone of his script into something more optimistic. [3], Mendes called American Beauty a rite of passage film about imprisonment and escape from imprisonment. 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[nb 17][158] The theater count hit a high of 1,528 at the end of the month, before a gradual decline. [96] The schedule called for two days to be spent filming the crash, but only half a day was available. [129] When Lester fantasizes about Angela in a rose-petal bath, the steam was real, save for in the overhead shot. "Scripter Ball hits a home run". [nb 4] The music is used like a visual cue, so that Lester and the score are staring at Angela. "[181], Writing in Variety, Todd McCarthy said the cast ensemble "could not be better"; he praised Spacey's "handling of innuendo, subtle sarcasm, and blunt talk" and the way he imbued Lester with "genuine feeling". Zumindest halten sie diese Fassade schon über Jahre gekonnt aufrecht, denn in Wahrheit hängt der Haussegen mehr als schief. [27] Through this examination of Lester's life, rebirth and death, American Beauty satirizes American middle class notions of meaning, beauty and satisfaction. "Amazon.com books 'Beauty' for D'Works". He masturbates in the confines of his shower;[10] the shower stall evokes a jail cell and the shot is the first of many where Lester is confined behind bars or within frames,[8][9] such as when he is reflected behind columns of numbers on a computer monitor, "confined [and] nearly crossed out". "American Beauty" is not as dark or twisted as "Happiness," last year's attempt to shine a light under the rock of American society. Frank is a strict disciplinarian who has previously forced Ricky into a military academy and a psychiatric hospital. Lester's attempts to relive his youth are a direct result of his lust for Angela,[11] and the state of his relationship with Carolyn is in part shown through their lack of sexual contact. "An 'American' kickoff for London Film Festival". Spacey was Mendes' first choice for the role of Lester, though DreamWorks urged him to consider better-known actors. The studio's candidate for Best Picture the previous year, Saving Private Ryan, lost to Shakespeare in Love, so the studio took a new approach by hiring outsiders to provide input for the campaign. Hausmann concludes that Lester's behavior toward Angela is "a misguided but nearly necessary step toward his becoming a father again". [178] Variety reported that "no other 1999 movie has benefited from such universal raves. [47] Ball's inspiration for the characters came from a thought he had after seeing a "bland, boring, heterosexual couple" who wore matching clothes: "I can't wait for the time when a gay couple can be just as boring." When his boss informs Lester that he is to be laid off, Lester blackmails him and quits his job, taking employment at a local fast food restaurant. Geeignet ab 16 Jahren. Jackson, Kevin (February 2000). Die Story von American Beauty Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) und seine Frau Carolyn (Annette Benning) scheinen das perfekte Ehepaar im perfekten Haus mit perfekten Nachbarn zu sein. [183] Ebert awarded American Beauty four stars out of four,[184] and Turan said it was layered, subversive, complex, and surprising, concluding it was "a hell of a picture". [172] Blockbuster's strategy leaked before May 9, leading to a 30% order increase from other retailers. [38] The aerial shots at the beginning and end of the film were captured in Sacramento, California,[121] and many of the school scenes were shot at South High School in Torrance, California; several extras in the gym crowd were South High students. Ball pitched three ideas to Cannava: two conventional romantic comedies and American Beauty,[nb 6][63] which he had originally conceived as a play in the early 1990s. According to Booth, the film's true controller is the creative energy "that hundreds of people put into its production, agreeing and disagreeing, inserting and cutting". Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer vielseitigen Blu-ray- und DVD-Auswahl – … "Latins love 'Beauty': 'Beach' makes waves in Mexico and Italy". Only 53% of the film's rentals were from large outlets in the first week, compared with the usual 65%. Nobody is really bad in this movie, just shaped by society in … Academics have described the film as a satire of American middle-class "Apple Juice". "The Grammy Awards; Complete List of Winners". [145] The film's tagline—"look closer"—originally came from a cutting pasted on Lester's workplace cubicle by the set dresser. [195] In 2000, the Publicists Guild of America recognized DreamWorks for the best film publicity campaign. [88], In the script that was sent to prospective actors and directors, Lester and Angela had sex;[89] by the time of shooting, Ball had rewritten the scene to the final version. Groves, Don (January 25, 2000). Ricky: "Beauty." [nb 2][24] The feminist academic and author Sally R. Munt argues that American Beauty uses its "art house" trappings to direct its message of nonconformity primarily to the middle classes, and that this approach is a "cliché of bourgeois preoccupation; ... the underlying premise being that the luxury of finding an individual 'self' through denial and renunciation is always open to those wealthy enough to choose, and sly enough to present themselves sympathetically as a rebel. Carver, Benedict; Jones, Oliver (September 13, 1999). [53][54] Another example is the pair of scenes in which Jane and Ricky film each other. Ball felt that Mendes liked to look under the story's surface, a talent he felt would be a good fit with the themes of American Beauty. In one shot during Lester's encounter with Angela at the Burnhams' home, Hall created rain effects on the foreground cross lights; in another, he partly lit the pair through French windows to which he had added material to make the rain run slower, intensifying the light (although the strength of the outside light was unrealistic for a night scene, Hall felt it justified because of the strong contrasts it produced). [59] "On Broadway"—which provides a conventional underscore to the onscreen action—is replaced by discordant, percussive music that lacks melody or progression. While the cheerleaders perform their half-time routine to "On Broadway", Lester becomes increasingly fixated on Angela. [18] Spacey, Bening and Hall worked for significantly less than their usual rates. Score: 8 des 10. Fleming, Michael (September 15, 1998). "The 500 Greatest Movies of All Time". [129] He shot the whole film at the same T-stop (T1.9);[138] given his preference for shooting that wide, Hall favored high-speed stocks to allow for more subtle lighting effects. [188] McCarthy said the script was "as fresh and distinctive" as any of its American film contemporaries, and praised how it analyzed the characters while not compromising narrative pace. Cohen, David S. (March 7, 2000). [43] Professor Vincent Hausmann charges that in their reinforcement of masculinity "against threats posed by war, by consumerism, and by feminist and queer challenges", these films present a need to "focus on, and even to privilege" aspects of maleness "deemed 'deviant'". [197] On March 26, 2000, American Beauty won five Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Spacey), Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography. All the extras from the DVD release were present, with the theatrical trailers upgraded to HD. The production deliberately minimized the use of red, as it was an important thematic signature elsewhere. „American Beauty“. If any one line is the heart and soul of this movie, that is the line. He begins smoking cannabis supplied by Ricky, and flirts with Angela whenever she visits Jane. Mendes and an assistant edited the film for ten days between the appointments. McCarthy cited Hall's involvement as fortunate for Mendes, as the cinematographer was "unsurpassed" at conveying the themes of a work. American Beauty ist im Genre Drama angesiedelt. [185], Turan cited Ball's lack of constraint when writing the film as the reason for its uniqueness, in particular the script's subtle changes in tone. He built each cue around "small, endlessly repeating phrases"—often, the only variety through a "thinning of the texture for eight bars". After several years as a television screenwriter, Ball revived the idea in 1997 when attempting to break into the film industry. "Pretty Penny for 'Beauty'?". Ball was not keen on the more well-known directors because he believed their involvement would increase the budget and lead DreamWorks to become "nervous about the content". Fleming, Michael (November 29, 1999). [106] Peter Gallagher and Alison Janney were cast (as Buddy Kane and Barbara Fitts) after filming began in December 1998. [10], Hausmann says the film "explicitly affirms the importance of upholding the prohibition against incest";[44] a recurring theme of Ball's work is his comparison of the taboos against incest and homosexuality. He removed the truck and Hall had to rethink the lighting; he lit it from the left, with a large light crossing the actors, and with a soft light behind the camera. "Spotlight: Thomas Newman". The navel pictured is not Mena Suvari's; it belongs to the model, The hand on the poster belongs to actress. "Staging a transfer: Legit helmer Mendes makes pic bow with 'Beauty. "It was filmed in Sacramento". [116] McCarthy believed American Beauty a "stunning card of introduction" for film débutantes Mendes and Ball. The exception is "Don't Let It Bring You Down", which plays during Angela's seduction of Lester. "H'w'd taps on Mendes' door". An album featuring 19 tracks from Newman's score was released on January 11, 2000, and won the Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack Album. American Beauty: Ein Film von Sam Mendes mit Kevin Spacey und Annette Bening. It's one of the most important scenes in the movie!' In these scenes, the rose symbolizes Lester's desire for her. Im Film führt Sam Mendes Regie. [63], Ball did not expect to sell the script, believing it would act as more of a calling card, but American Beauty drew interest from several production bodies. [51], Lester's fantasies are emphasized by slow- and repetitive-motion shots;[56] Mendes uses double-and-triple cutbacks in several sequences,[15][57] and the score alters to make the audience aware that it is entering a fantasy. [73], Jinks and Cohen involved Ball throughout the film's development, including casting and director selection. Reviewers praised most aspects of the production, with particular emphasis on Mendes, Spacey and Ball; criticism tended to focus on the familiarity of the characters and setting. He said Mendes' "sure hand" was "as precise and controlled" as his theater work. "[179] It was the best-received title at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF),[150] where it won the People's Choice award after a ballot of the festival's audiences. In about 1991–92, Ball saw a plastic bag blowing in the wind outside the World Trade Center. [75] An early scene showing the Burnhams leaving home for work was inserted later on to show the low point that Carolyn and Lester's relationship had reached. Mendes felt it evoked Lester's—and the film's—loneliness. Nevertheless, Hentzi believed that the film's themes of materialism and conformity in American suburbia were "hackneyed". ... For all the differences between now and the [1950s], in a lot of ways this is just as oppressively conformist a time. [102] The opening in the final cut reused a scene from the middle of the film where Jane tells Ricky to kill her father. He felt that they were so short that they "didn't really register". "B.O. Aware that he was a novice, Mendes drew on the experience of Hall: "I made a very conscious decision early on, if I didn't understand something technically, to say, without embarrassment, 'I don't understand what you're talking about, please explain it. [14] His final turning point comes when he and Angela almost have sex;[16] after she confesses her virginity, he no longer thinks of her as a sex object, but as a daughter. Both trailers ended with the poster image of a girl holding a rose. [33] As the film progresses, the Burnhams move closer to Ricky's view of the world. Blockbuster's strategy also affected rental fees; American Beauty averaged $3.12, compared with $3.40 for films that Blockbuster fully promoted. American Beauty, scheda del film di Sam Mendes, con Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening e Thora Birch, Annette O'Toole, leggi la trama e la recensione, guarda … [85] Lester's re-examination of his life parallels feelings Ball had in his mid-30s;[86] like Lester, Ball put aside his passions to work in jobs he hated for people he did not respect. [183] Jackson said Mendes' theatrical roots rarely showed, and that the "most remarkable" aspect was that Spacey's performance did not overshadow the film. [153] Following American Beauty's wins at the 57th Golden Globe Awards, DreamWorks re-expanded the theater presence from a low of 7 in mid-February,[152] to a high of 1,990 in March. Instead, he wanted the ending to be "a poetic mixture of dream and memory and narrative resolution". American Beauty cost DreamWorks $15 million to produce, slightly above their projected sum. Die schwarze Komödie "American Beauty" ist ein Film über Menschen, die verzweifelt bemüht sind, die Fassade eines intakten Familienlebens aufrecht zu erhalten, obwohl dahinter alles in Scherben liegt. So ist der Mammon von jeher der oberste Gott, Erfolg und Leistung sind seine höchsten Gebote. [64] He said he "felt like there was a real story underneath [that was] more fascinating and way more tragic" than the story presented to the public,[65] and attempted to turn the idea into a play. Klady, Leonard (September 20, 1999). [140] Newman also used electronic music and on "quirkier" tracks employed more unorthodox methods, such as tapping metal mixing bowls with a finger and using a detuned mandolin. Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening, Thora Birch, Wes Bentley, Mena Suvari, Chris Cooper und Scott Bakula mit. [136] Hall was initially concerned that audiences would not like the characters; he only felt able to identify with them during cast rehearsals, which gave him fresh ideas on his approach to the visuals. It was all my fault." The intent was for the setting to reflect the characters, who are also archetypes. [8] In these scenes, he is often framed as if trapped, "reiterating rituals that hardly please him". Elokuvan on ohjannut Sam Mendes, jolle American Beauty on ohjausdebyytti elokuva-alalla. The studio reluctantly agreed and showed the film to a young audience in San Jose, California. [123] Ricky's bedroom was designed to be cell-like to suggest his "monkish" personality, while at the same time blending with the high-tech equipment to reflect his voyeuristic side. So I said, 'OK, who kind of didn't like it?' ", Another example comes with the songs that Carolyn picks to accompany the Burnhams' dinners—upbeat ", Ball said he decided on DreamWorks after an accidental meeting with Spielberg in the, Mendes had considered the idea before; he almost took on, One of which director of photography Conrad Hall had filmed for. [182] Janet Maslin in The New York Times said Spacey was at his "wittiest and most agile" to date,[183] and Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times singled Spacey out for successfully portraying a man who "does reckless and foolish things [but who] doesn't deceive himself". [22] Jim and Jim, the Burnhams' other neighbors, are a satire of "gay bourgeois coupledom",[23] who "[invest] in the numbing sameness" that the film criticizes in heterosexual couples. On the cusp of having sex with Angela, he returns to himself after she admits her virginity. Dieser Film ist Bewegend. [16] Spielberg—who visited the set a few times—also advised Mendes not to worry about costs if he had a "great idea" toward the end of a long working day. Turan suggested that American Beauty may have benefited from Mendes' inexperience, as his "anything's possible daring" made him attempt beats that more seasoned directors might have avoided. [11] The roses in the vase in the Angela–Lester seduction scene symbolize Lester's previous life and Carolyn; the camera pushes in as Lester and Angela get closer, finally taking the roses—and thus Carolyn—out of the shot. [188], A few months after the film's release, reports of a backlash appeared in the American press,[189] and the years since have seen its critical regard wane. [45] Instead of making an overt distinction, American Beauty looks at how their repression can lead to violence. [170] In the film commentary, Mendes refers to deleted scenes he intended to include in the release. How can they be so shameless?" [136] In most cases, Hall first lit the scene's subject by "painting in" the blacks and whites, before adding fill light, which he reflected from beadboard or white card on the ceiling. scores o'seas: 'Beauty' bows strongly as 'Sense' steams on". [194] By the end of the year, reports of a critical backlash suggested American Beauty was the underdog in the race for Best Picture;[189] however, at the Golden Globe Awards in January 2000, American Beauty won Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay. [nb 12][nb 13][148] Reviewing the posters of several films of the year, David Hochman of Entertainment Weekly rated American Beauty's highly, saying it evoked the tagline; he said, "You return to the poster again and again, thinking, this time you're gonna find something. It cannot be summarized with either Lester or Ricky's philosophical statements about what life is or how one should live. [95], Conrad Hall was not the first choice for director of photography; Mendes believed he was "too old and too experienced" to want the job, and he had been told that Hall was difficult to work with. Hall and Mendes first discussed the intended mood of a scene, but he was allowed to light the shot in any way he felt necessary. [39] Jane and Angela constantly reference sex, through Angela's descriptions of her supposed sexual encounters and the way the girls address each other. Gordinier, Jeff (March 1, 2000). [38], The production selected two adjacent properties on the Warner backlot's "Blondie Street" for the Burnham and Fitts' homes. [156], American Beauty was released on VHS on May 9, 2000,[169] and on DVD with the DTS format on October 24, 2000. Mendes was directing Cruise's then-wife Nicole Kidman in the play The Blue Room during preproduction on American Beauty,[123] and had already storyboarded the whole film. [37] The American Beauty rose is repeatedly used as symbol; when Lester fantasizes about Angela, she is usually naked and surrounded by rose petals. Groves, Don (January 18, 2000). [102] During the film, Lester's physique improves from flabby to toned;[103] Spacey worked out during filming to improve his body,[104] but because Mendes shot the scenes out of chronological order, Spacey varied postures to portray the stages.

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